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Long Phan, Ph.D. is a Senior Technical advisor in the firm’s Electrical and Mechanical Patent Prosecution practice group where he focuses on drafting patent applications and patent prosecution. In particular, Dr. Phan has expertise in a wide array of technological fields and has worked with clients in semiconductor fabrication, medical devices and imaging, artificial intelligence (AI), optics, cosmetic devices, and mechanical systems.

During his graduate studies, Dr. Phan’s materials science training focused on cephalopod-inspired protein films with mechanically/chemically/electrically reconfigurable visible and infrared (IR) reflectance properties for camouflage applications. Through this work, he has gained valuable experience in device microfabrication (lithography, CVD, etch, evaporation, etc.), device characterization (atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, UV-vis-NIR reflectance, etc.), and protein prep and characterization (high performance liquid chromatography, fluorescence, circular dichroism, etc.), as well as rapid prototype development. He leveraged this novel research to gain experience working with the UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business and the Beall Applied Innovation technology transfer office to patent his own work and analyze potential start-up opportunities based on the developed technology.